MonthJune 2008

Bill Belichick

This afternoon we had a meeting for the entire Boston PwC office.  Our office has over 2,300 people in it, and almost every person was present for the meeting.  The reason?  At the end, Bill Belichick spoke for about an hour.  I think it was the first office wide meeting that everyone was either on time or early.

I was impressed with Belichick because he was really funny, did a good job of comparing his job as a head coach to the job of a managers at PwC, and gave some insights into how he evaluates the potential of players.  It makes me want to read some of the books he’s authored.  Also, watching football highlights got me really excited for the upcoming football season.

Solo Rating

I came back from Tokyo for good in the first week of May. I was pretty excited to be back for good, getting back into a routine before the summer started. After I finally got over the last bout of jet lag, I decided to sign up for a new activity. After taking the T to work, running, and hanging out along the river I decided that I wanted to be on one of the sail boats dotting the Charles river on a nice day. After getting convinced by my friend Kara, I had made up my mind. I signed up for a year membership at the community boathouse next to the longfellow bridge.

It really is an amazing deal. For $230, you get unlimited use of the boats and free classes for a full calendar year. Once you obtain the Helmsman rating, you can take out boats and bring along friends. It’s all included in the year membership.

My second weekend with the membership I went and took a class called Shore School, which is all the basics of sailing. That is half of the Solo rating, which is the rating that allows you to take a boat out on your own. The second half is what I finished this past weekend. You learn about how to rig a boat: getting the sail, tiller, and then setting up the boat to get you out on the water. Right before I practiced rigging up a boat on my own, I saw another classmate loseWeight Exercise his balance on a boat and fall over the side. Luckily for me, I didn’t do that and ended up passing the test. While I didn’t get out on the water this weekend, I think I’ll be out on the water for sure next weekend. I can’t wait for the next weekend.

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