I have been paired with my little brother for over 4 years now.  It’s been quite a long time.  In these four years, we’ve done a lot of fun stuff.

I received a letter in the mail today from the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization thanking me for a recent donation that was given in my name.  They had just received a check for $714 from Microsoft.  This was in addition to another donation made previously in 2009.  In total, Microsoft had donated over one thousand dollars to the organization in my name.

Why you ask?  I have not donated any money to Big Brothers Big Sisters – I have only spent time with my littler brother.  Microsoft is generous enough to match its employees time spent with charities and non-profit organizations, at a $17 / hour rate.  In 2009, I spent over 60 hours with my little brother Chris, and so Microsoft donated over $1,000 to BBBS.

People are always impressed with the fact that Microsoft is so generous in matching its employees’ charitable donations, but I’m surprised that this additional contribution isn’t mentioned.  As listed on this page, Microsoft is willing to donate up to $12,000 per employee to charities.  They will donate money for time their employees spend (outside of work), or will match monetary donations.  I find this extraordinary!

It’s just another reason I enjoy working for Microsoft.