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Costa Rica 2010

I went to Costa Rica from January 16th – January 23rd.

I spent a day in San Jose, and then 5 days in a small house by Quepos, San Jose.  The house is a half an hour drive from Quepos, tucked away in the rain forest.

The highlights of the trip:

  • The trails, waterfalls, and swimming opportunities at the house we stayed at.  I could have spent another couple of days relaxing at the house.
  • Relaxing on the beach of Manuel Antonio, and surfing on the beach.
  • The zipline tour in Quepos.  I cannot recommend this enough.  I paid 50 bucks for a 2 hour tour that was well worth it.  The tour guides were fantastic, and I felt extremely safe.  It was great!  If you’ll be in Quepos, you should definitely go for a canopy tour.
  • The national park in Manuel Antonio.
    • Having a monkey try to steal our lunch.
    • Seeing a sloth, relaxing in the sun.
    • Watching a turtle lay eggs.
    • The snorkeling wasn’t great – I barely saw any fish.  I wouldn’t recommend renting snorkeling equipment.

If I did it again, I would fly from San Jose to Quepos instead of driving 3 hours from San Jose to Quepos.  Other than that, I wouldn’t have changed a thing.  It was great!

Apparently I like to live in different places.

Have you ever spent a labor day in Boston?  It’s a nightmare.  Personally, I think moving is one of the most aggravating and frustrating events in a person’s life.  You need to pack up all of your earthly possessions into a million boxes, carefully organizing and thinking about what you’ll need, how easily accessible it needs to be, and what logically should be boxed with other things.  Next, I’ve always insisted on moving all of my own stuff from apartment to apartment.  Compound that with the fact that I’ve lived in 10 apartments since I moved out of my parent’s house 9 years ago, and you begin to see the picture.  How have I lived in 10 apartments, you ask?  Well, let me tell you the ways:

  • Freshman year: Miller Hall at Tufts
  • Sophomore year: Houston Hall at Tufts
  • Junior year: 20 Fairmount St, Medford
  • Senior year: 209 College Ave, Somerville
  • 1st year out of college: 35 Brookline St, Cambridge
  • 2nd year out of college: 268 Broadway, Cambridge
  • 3rd year out of college: 268 Broadway, Nihombashi (Tokyo), Aoyama (Tokyo)
  • 4th year out of college: 356 Harvard Street
  • 5th year out of college: 1590 Cambridge Street

This is craziness!  You would think I’ve been running from the mob, or in the witness protection program.  But each year I have willingly chosen to move from one apartment to another.

The bottom line is that I don’t like moving.  Period.

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