Hi, I’m Dan Wolchonok. This is my personal blog.  Anything written here is my personal opinion, and does not reflect the opinion of anyone else.

Currently, I work at Reforge.  Previously, I started a company called PrepWork that was acquired by HubSpot while I was an MBA student at the Yale School of Management.  I worked at HubSpot for 5 years, leaving as the Director of Product Analytics. Most importantly, I’m married to a wonderful doctor who is a physician at the Indian Health Service at Shiprock, NM. Check me out on Twitter or on LinkedIn.

I was an enterprise search expert at Microsoft, where I was a technical lead on an enterprise search system with hundreds of millions of documents and millions of queries per day.  Before that, I worked at PwC as a consultant in their Advisory practice making technology tools for financial services clients.

I graduated from Tufts University in 2005 with a degree in Computer Science.  I ran cross country, track and field, and the Naked Quad Run twice.


  1. Thanks lots for your work.
    Just subscribed to the blog.
    Can i pls ask questions; please help.

    For the post “how to quickly format retention data in less than …” and for the table computed with percentages in blue can i pls ask questions about the first row.
    week cohort size week 0 week 1
    1/5/15 2660 54% 49%

    1) does week 0 mean Jan 5 thru Jan 11
    2) does week 1 mean jan 12 thru jan 18
    3) can i say – 54% of 2660 came back to the app between jan 5 and jan 11
    4) definition of retention – is the 54% only users who came back to the app with a session duration of > 2 mins or only users who created any of the events that have a causal relationship to users becoming core users or only users who did the activity that contributes to omtm
    5) considering the app should be used at least once a week, wouldn’t it make sense to follow the metric – what percentage of the retained had used the app the previous week.

  2. Hi Dan,
    I am part of an alpha stage startup building a B2C mobile app. I was trying to decide which mobile analytics platform to use.
    I was trying to decide between Clevertap & Firebase analytics. Did you get a chance to explore Clevertap?
    I’d love to hear which tool would be best for basic analytics and push notifications according to you.

    • danwolch

      February 2, 2017 at 1:53 am

      I didn’t get a chance to try out Clevertap, and I’ve never used Firebase. Let me know what you think! I would seriously consider the free tiers of companies like Mixpanel.

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