In my time working at HubSpot and on our sales products, I’ve been lucky enough to be exposed to high growth products. In growing these products, I’ve had a chance to run many experiments aimed at retaining users.

I spoke at SaaSFest 2015 sharing these experiments and the ways our team breaks down optimizing for these types of metrics. There were two great blog posts that followed up my talk breaking it down further, one from ProfitWell and AppCues. It was based off a talk Brian Balfour prepared for the Weapons of Mass Distribution 2015 conference.

If you have a chance to head to SaasFest 2016 (Patrick, you better do the conference again), I highly recommend it. The venue and atmosphere was intimate and the conversations I had were top notch. It was great to learn from others in the SaaS industry. The accessibility of people like Hiten Shah, David Cancel,  Patrick Campbell, and many others was phenomenal.

Check out the recaps: