I read Mark Suster’s blog post about the power of twitter for information discovery last week, and I couldn’t agree more with his main point.  I thought Twitter was dumb when I first starting using it, but ultimately found it useful for consuming news.  I found his post well timed because I recently changed a big portion of the people I follow on Twitter.  I had previously used twitter for following a lot of people in the technology and entrepreneurial space from all across the country.  I now focus on people in the Boston area, as I’m trying to become more tightly integrated into the local tech scene.  By simply changing the people I follow on Twitter, I found out about many more events and opportunities that I could actually attend!

I am an aspiring entrepreneur, and there’s little chance I can get to know Mark Suster or Fred Wilson simply over Twitter.  What about the people who attend events just down the street from me, at any one of the co-working spaces in Boston?  That is much easier, makes more sense, and I’d be a crappy entrepreneur if I didn’t know any of the people in my own town.  I’ve already made good progress on attending events, and most of these I found out about over twitter.  I wouldn’t have known about them unless I changed my follower strategy, and started focusing on Boston instead of popular technology influencers from around the country.

I’ve already met a ton of great people, and I’m excited to get to know lots of others as well.  Can’t wait for things to get started again in 2011.

What’s your twitter strategy?  Who are you trying to meet?