It is an exciting time to be joining the data team at Reforge. In the past 16 months, we created the data team and scaled it to 8 people. On the team today, there are five analysts, a data engineer, an analytics manager, and me (I’m the Head of Data at Reforge).

We’ve been busy in this time. Some of the work that we’ve done:

  • Migrated our data warehouse from postgres to snowflake
  • Rebuilt our entire data warehouse schema organization
  • Built countless models to model our programs
  • Enabled the switch to a subscription model (reporting on subscriptions, change over time, renewals, etc)
  • Worked with our R&D team to adopt and use a behavioral analytics system
  • Defined our data dictionary
  • Hired and onboarded 8 people
  • Built data pipelines to enrich data in our system via Airflow
  • Migrated our email automation system

Reforge as a company has also been doing very well during this time. Our business has grown tremendously, we raised our $60M series B round, and we have more than doubled the team in that time.

We had the good fortune of having raised our Series B earlier this spring before the recent economic turmoil and have the the money, time, and resources now to invest heavily in creating new experiences and products. It’s an exciting time to be investing and building when it feels like many companies are cutting back or deprioritizing investments.

Data engineering will be a critical component to our upcoming growth and I’m particularly excited about the projects we are undertaking:

  • We will build data pipelines to enrich data about our prospects and customers. This will be the foundation for personalization and recommendations in the future. Having a reliable and performant system that can help us understand who someone is, where they work, and build classification models for their attributes will be critical for future product experiences as well as analyzing how our business is performing.
  • We will build more sophisticated foundational reporting for our growing analyst team to work with. Our analysts work with stakeholders in every department to help find insight in data, build visualizations, and impact our strategy and future roadmap. You will have a ton of leverage in creating impact – the data sources you create will be used by every department.
  • We will invest in additional data syncs between our systems to ensure that every customer interaction is excellent. Reforge is teaching how the best technology companies execute, and we aspire to be the best example of our own frameworks. Our customers are the leading practitioners in the tech industry and love to hold us accountable.
  • Revamp the infrastructure to enable reporting for our marketing organization. When the data team was spun up we didn’t have anyone in the marketing org, yet were growing 100% year over year due to word of mouth. The team has grown a lot since then, and we are becoming much more sophisticated in how we approach our marketing efforts. We need to empower our analysts and the marketing team with the data they need to understand how well we’re attracting people to Reforge, where our best return on investments are, and what best explains the value of Reforge.

We use best of breed tools in our data stack. Here’s a video of our current data stack. Most of these tools have been implemented in the past year and we will continue to invest heavily as our business grows and we become even more sophisticated.

If you know of anyone who wants more responsibility and has a strong vision for how data engineering should work today, please send them this post or let me know if I should reach out to them. This is a critical role for us to fill before the end of the year.

Apply here for the role.