My friends and I always joke that we’re entering our “Senior Year of Life”.  As with many people my age, we count years based off of when we graduated from college.  Starting in June 2005, my first year out from college, I was a freshman in terms of real world experience.  It has been 3 years since graduating from Tufts, therefore I am entering my fourth year, or my senior year of life.

What an exciting start to the year it has been, indeed!  Check out what has happened and what else is planned:

  • I moved from outside Central Square to Harvard Square.
  • I left PwC to become a software engineer at FAST.
  • I bought a car to get myself to my new job (as of this post yet to happen).
  • I turned 25 and had a quarter life crisis (my birthday is September 25th).  I am not ruling out the possibility of getting a really expensive sports car to satisfy the quarter life crisis.

I’m excited about all of these changes.  My senior year looks pretty exciting, indeed.